#myMHCsummer follows current Mount Holyoke students in their various summer 2014 internships. These internships—funded by the Lynk, MHC’s initiative to connect academic work with practical experience and career exploration—span the globe and a wide range of career fields.

  • Carey Lang_mymhcsummer
    Carey Lang ’15, who will graduate this winter, is spending her summer on campus as part of the Restoration Ecology Program. Each day, she spends hours surveying plant species near the stream that feeds into Upper Lake, which the program hopes to one day turn into a wetland to naturally remove fertilizer and pesticide traces.
  • IzzyBisese_mymhcsummer
    Izzy Bisese ’15, a history major, is the first-ever intern at the MHC Equestrian Center. She spends her days grooming, giving lessons, rehabilitating injured horses, and learning the ins and outs of running an equestrian center of this scale. Upon graduating she hopes to become a history teacher and riding coach.
  • OliviaLichens_mymhcsummer
    Art history major Olivia Lichens ’15 is interning this summer in London at Sims Reed Gallery. The print she is measuring below is Yellow Vase by Roy Lichtenstein.
  • CharlotteLjustina_mymhcsummer
    Charlotte Ljustina ’15 is spending her summer working on an independent research project studying the mathematical foundations of art, attempting to understand the human conceptualization of beauty through this art. She asks: What makes something beautiful? Can we use mathematical concepts and ideas to explain this phenomena of “beauty?” Below is her workspace at her home in Miami.
  • HannahFalvey_mymhcsummer
    Hannah Falvey ’15, an international relations major, is the educational adviser/program manager summer intern at the Fulbright Commission of Belgium and Luxembourg, led by executive director Erica Lutes ’02. From left to right, Hannah Falvey ’15, Georgian Ambassador to Belgium Natalie Sabanadze, Georgian Prime Minister Mr. Irakli Garibashvili, Erica Lutes ’02, co-worker Mireille Pelsmaekers, and fellow MHC-intern, Katya Korotaeva ’16.
  • NormaShindika_mymhcsummer
    Norma Shindika ’16 (right) and fellow Mount Holyoke intern Eskedar Gessesse ’15 pose for a photo after returning from a remote village in Tanzania, where they visited a solar shop owner. Norma and Eskedar are interning at Embark Energy through alumna Genia Sokolova ’01, the director of finance. Embark Energy’s mission is to empower thousands of clean energy entrepreneurs to sell and service clean energy products around the world.
  • Phyu-Sin-Lan-Than_mymhcsummer
    Phyu-Sin-Lin Than ’15 is the gifting initiative/marketing intern at Under The Mango Tree. Founded by Vijaya Pastala ’89, Under the Mango Tree is a social enterprise that promotes beekeeping to increase agricultural productivity, enhance incomes, and improve livelihoods of marginal farmers in India. This summer, Than is working on a market research paper that focuses on the corporate and personal gifting cultures in the niche market of metropolitan India, and she also helps package honey before it is shipped out for distribution to retail locations or personal orders direct from the website.
  • IyannaJames_mymhcsummer
    Iyanna James-Stephenson ’15, a philosophy major, is interning for the American Association for Access, Equity, and Diversity (AAAED) in Washington, DC. She monitors legislation and attends briefings, hearings, panels, and roundtable discussions pertaining to affirmative action, diversity, and other civil rights issues. James-Stephenson and her boss, Shirley Wilcher ’73, the executive director of AAAED, pose in front of the White House, across from their headquarters.

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