Spring 2010 Off the Shelf: More Books

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The Young Families of New York and New Jersey
By Marjorie Smeltzer-Stevenot (CreateSpace)

Wilhelm and Heinrich Young sailed from Hamburg, Germany, to New York with their parents around 1744. The two boys were indentured. This books tracks their descendents as they populated the Ramapo Tracts of New Jersey and Rockland County, New York.

Marjorie R. Smeltzer ’31 has published nine volumes of genealogy and local history of the Lower Hudson River Valley following a long career in advertising and marketing.

“Nothing But Our Best”: A Holyoke Industrialist and His Company

By Richard P. Towne, Jr. (Bridgeport National Bindery)

If you were writing in your diary or taking notes in the classroom during the first half of the twentieth century, chances are you the paper you wrote on was produced by Frank B. Towne ‘s company in Holyoke, Massachusetts. In this book, his grandson documents Towne’s fascinating life, including his work as a trustee at MHC and with Joseph Allen Skinner and Mary Woolley.

Richard P. Towne, Jr. is a fourth-generation member of the family that owned and managed the National Blank Book Company. He lives in South Hadley.

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