How the V-8s Changed the Face of Campus Music and A Cappella Nationwide

  In October of 1942, a group of eight songstresses debuted their skills at Junior Show. As the accompaniment to a student dance number called “My Pajama Ballet,” the singers were off stage, hidden from the audience. By the time their performance was over, however,…... » Read more

Music That Speaks for Itself: Zeb Bangash ’04 Is Half of Pakistan’s Hottest Pop Duo

Mubarik Ali Khan, a top classical Indian music vocalist, showed little enthusiasm when Zeb Bangash ’04 was introduced to him as a possible student in 1999. However, after her first lesson—a test run taking Bangash through basic scales to gauge her voice and musical sense—his…... » Read more

Move Over, Lara Croft: Not All the Women in Video Games Are Digital

When you think of video games, you probably picture a geeky teenage boy camped out in a living room, chomping on potato chips while piling up points racing from one virtual level to the next. (You don’t imagine girls at a slumber party playing Super…... » Read more