Mary Lyon

Mary Lyon recpie

On Display: Written History

Mary Lyon’s recipes Among the collection of Mary Lyon’s manuscripts housed at Mount Holyoke are several recipes written in Lyon’s own handwriting. The recipes instruct the reader how to make some of the popular desserts of the time, including molasses cake and apple “dumplins.” Mary…... » Read more

Mary Lyon houskeeping hints

Mary Lyon’s Recipes & Housekeeping Hints

Among the collection of Mary Lyon’s papers are a booklet of recipes and housekeeping hints written in her slanted hand. Though difficult to read due to her script, faded paper, and ink blotches, we were able to decipher a few of the recipes, below. See the scanned booklet…... » Read more


Little Known Facts about Founder’s Day

 Thank you, Mary Lyon. Via "On this day in 1837, 80 students arrived at Mount Holyoke Female Seminary in the Connecticut Valley village of South Hadley. Many had traveled for days to reach the first American institution of higher education open to women. All had passed…... » Read more

MHC Moment: May 2012

May is filled with countless moments that make Mount Holyoke distinctive, from the laurel parade and the singing of “Bread and Roses” at Mary Lyon’s grave to the baccalaureate ceremony in Abbey Chapel and the canoe sing on Lower Lake. I treasure each of these…... » Read more