Summer 2013

rider So Jin Lee ’13

So Jin Lee ’13 Named Alumnae Association Scholar-Athlete

Having never ridden competitively, So Jin Lee ’13 joined the riding team her sophomore year. Despite being a true beginner, she quickly moved up the ranks to become one of the team’s most valued members. “So Jin realized that she could be an asset even…... » Read more

Jennifer Gomez '05

Class Action

Alums Help Students Connect Curriculum to Career As an expert on mentoring, psychology and education professor Becky Wai-Ling Packard understands the importance of reaching out to alumnae in her teaching. “Alums can be the most relevant and compelling role models for students, because students can…... » Read more

Unusually Grounded Alumnae Homes

These alumnae dwellings showcase their natural assets Since the dawn of time, people have built homes to shelter themselves from the ravages of nature. And many in the developed world still choose to live in houses that insulate them from the natural world—super-airtight dwellings with central…... » Read more