winter 2014

MoHome Memories: Secret Sororities

The rise and fall of Mount Holyoke’s sororities Mount Holyoke Sororities: Sigma Theta Chi (1887) Xi Phi Delta (1896) Psi Omega (1897) Gamma Kappa (1898) Chi Delta Theta (1902)   More than 130 student organizations exist at Mount Holyoke, and most students belong to at…... » Read more

Resiliency in Wartime

The Quarterly takes a look back at student life on campus during World War II—a pivotal time when change was the only constant and students had no choice but to adapt. Learning to drink coffee without sugar. Meatless Tuesdays. “Heat cops” closing dorm windows every morning to…... » Read more

Voices at the Table

When it comes to diversity, Mount Holyoke leads the way in providing an education to students from countries around the world, fostering an academic environment that not only gives opportunities for students to learn from one another in the classroom but prepares them to graduate…... » Read more