Email Communication Policy

The Alumnae Association provides timely, efficient, and cost-effective broadcast email services to alumnae classes, clubs, and affiliate groups, as well as the College community. In doing so, the Association monitors the frequency and relevancy of messages to the alumnae audience. Due to the volume of requests, the Association adheres to the following policies:

  • The Association only sends broadcast email on behalf of itself, classes and clubs, and the College. Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis.
  • The Association may deny any request that does not directly advance its mission, or may be better suited to a different communications channel, for example, content unrelated to the College, external events, fundraising activities, or job postings.
  • The Association may edit for length, clarity, and grammar as appropriate according to Associated Press Style and may return the message for resubmission.
  • The Alumnae Association does not send emails to alumnae volunteers for review.
  • Requests on behalf of individuals for promotional or fundraising purposes will not be processed.
  • Classes and clubs are responsible for the accurate inclusion of officers and alumnae names in their communications.
  • Email communications will be formatted in black, Verdana or Baskerville font only.

Broadcast Email

  • All content must be final upon submission and may be no longer than 1,000 words. Content that is more than 1,000 words will be formatted as a PDF link within the email.
  • Email lists must meet a minimum of 25 recipients for the Alumnae Association to send out an email on behalf of a class, club, or affiliate group. Any email lists under 25 recipients are best served as a personal email on behalf of a member of the class, club, or group.
  • For classes or clubs that would like a heavily formatted email newsletter, we recommend using an outside email service, such as MailChimp or Constant Contact, as we are unable to create individualized email newsletters. Simply request a contact list from Alumnae Information Services via the Information Request Form. Please note that you should request a list every time you want to send an email as we update alumnae information on a daily basis. Please forward bouncebacks or change of address information to
  • Messages will be housed within a standardized design template to establish recognition and trustworthiness. Emails sent on behalf of the College will include the College banner graphic. Emails sent on behalf of the Association will include the Association, club, or class banner graphic. All emails will include the Association footer with a link to email preferences for the purpose of opting in/out of future emails.
  • Surveys may only be sent on behalf of the Association or a club/class. Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis.

Classes and Clubs that Send Their Own Communication

While it is preferable that volunteers send communications to their constituents through the Association, we understand that some classes and clubs will manage communications outside of Association services. If they choose to do so, we ask that they follow the proper procedures:

  • Communicate with your Association staff liaison to ensure that the content they are sending is accurate and timely.
  • Include the your Association staff liaison and Alumnae Information Services ( on email and mailing lists so that we have record of the communication.
  • Request contact lists directly from the Association by filling out the Information Request Form or emailing Alumnae Information Services (
  • Always request a new list each time a communication is planned. Because we update alumnae records daily, we would like to provide a contact list that is as accurate as possible.
  • Forward any emails that have bounced back or in some way indicate a change of contact information to Alumnae Information Services (