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Find Your People: Sherry Christie ’68 & Olivia Mellan ’68

Writer and editor Sherry Christie ’68 and speaker, author, and money coach Olivia Mellan ’68 reconnected at their twenty-fifth reunion

Meaningful Moments

The Connections Program joins classes fifty years apart, helping alumnae and current students find common ground between generations—and changing lives in the process.

MHC Club of Central & Northern Arizona Book Group (Phoenix, AZ)

The next meeting of the Mount Holyoke Club of Central & Northern Arizona book group will be on Tuesday, July 28,

Women in the Lead

Overseen by Barbara Moakler Byrne ’76, the Women in Leadership Index is showing that the market is bullish on companies

Class Roles & Responsibilities

Class officers are elected for five-year terms and serve from one reunion until the next. The Frances Perkins class elects