Alum Blog: Doula Trainee Karina Vasilevska-Das ’00

Helping Mothers Help Themselves

A postpartum doula is an assistant to a family and their newborn for the first six weeks to three months after the birth. Karina Vasilevska-Das ’00 is in training to be a doula, and is documenting her experiences in her blog, Helping Mothers Help Themselves. The blog covers everything from natural birth to travels in her homeland, Latvia. While some of the site is still only under construction, there are several sections that offer interesting and personalized advice, along with links to many other resources. The various topics include outdoor activities with your children and the trials, travails, and triumphs of breastfeeding. Vasilevska-Das also has a collection of book reviews, with sections on pregnancy, postpartum, and new and advanced parent information. Expecting families or parents with young children that are looking for gentle guidance and advice will find this blog helpful with its personalized yet informative style.

—By Zanna K. McKay ’13

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