Leticia Barr ’96 is a Tech Savvy Mama


Screen Shot 2013-02-27 at 1.41.50 PMIf you have ever wished you were a more technology-literate parent, or alternatively that you knew other parents as tech savvy as you, then check out professional blogger Leticia Barr’s Tech Savvy Mama. For years Leticia Barr ’96 worked as a school administrator with an expertise in integrating technology into the classroom. Now, with two elementary-school-aged kids, she uses her personal and professional experience to help parents navigate the ever-more-complicated world of technology.

Her freelance work has appeared on PBS Media Infusion, Parenting.com, Real Simple’s “Simply Stated,” and the Washington Post on Parenting. Numerous companies ask her to consult on the issues of technology and parenting, and recently she was interviewed by Kinect about playful learning and the Xbox 360.

At Tech Savvy Mama you can get tried-and-true advice outside of technology as well, ranging from dealing with preschool bullies to in-depth car reviews (which include standards such as “the kid factor” and “the dog factor”). Barr is also an Internet safety and security expert, and maintains sections on the blog about mobile, online, and personal safety. Her posts about violence at schools provide a unique parent- and kid-centered perspective that includes tips about how to talk to your kids about what happened. Some of the blog is, appropriately, just fun and games, though. There are several adorable videos, gifts guides for all ages (including adults), and giveaways of everything from show tickets to See’s Candies.

—By Zanna K. McKay ’13


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