Alum Blog: “Yankee Kitchen Ninja” Julianne Trabucchi Puckett ’91

Ninja Kitchen blogJulianne Trabucchi Puckett ’91 is known to her faithful followers as the Yankee Kitchen Ninja, or “the Ninj” for short. This title might have something to do with her knife skills in the kitchen and the unorthodox recipes she features on her blog Adventures of the Yankee Kitchen Ninja.

With Ninja-like precision, she spies recipes in her stash of cooking magazines and on Pinterest, deftly adapts them to her palette, and takes a knife to the ingredients before pounding, stirring, and pureeing them into a yummy masterpiece. When her dish is finally feast-worthy, the Ninj snaps a pic and writes about the recipe with vicious wit.

Don’t read Kitchen Ninja if you are hungry, it is torture. The Ninja’s recipes are sometimes adventurous—chocolate ice cream with candied bacon bits—and sometimes simple, but they always make whatever ingredients she has combined look exactly like what you wanted for lunch. One useful aspect of the blog is the “CSA share ninja rescue,” where all those crazy looking things that come in your CSA (community-supported agriculture) share box are unmasked as the nutritious and delicious potential pickles, salads, and soups that they are.

She operates out of her ten-acre “farmette” in Vermont and uses seasonal ingredients. Recipes like banana breakfast hummus, green tomato cake, and chocolate chip potato chip cookies are common on this blog, perfect for fearless foodies. The Kitchen Ninja’s highest recipe criteria are “wicked easy and wicked good.”

The Ninj explains the aim of her blog is to have a conversation with readers, “peppered with smart-assed humor, step-by-step photos, and probably too many parenthetical asides.” This recipe won her a 2012 Weblog Award (a “Bloggie”) for the “best-kept-secret blog,” and Vermont Life magazine recently recruited her to write a twice-a-month guest blog post for their new website.

—By Zanna K. McKay ’13 and Olivia Lammel ’14

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