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Screen Shot 2012-12-04 at 3.08.47 PMThough skeptics may say that Celiac disease and gluten intolerance is simply a recent attempt to capitalize on the masses’ mild hypochondria, it is actually one of the most common and under-diagnosed afflictions in the Western world. According to the University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center, one in every 133 Americans has Celiac. If you or a loved one are among these three million Americans, you will be glad to hear about alumna Jennifer Rafferty’s award winning blog Gluten-Free Inspired. Rafferty ’92 is a “top health blogger” for WellSphere, and her blog is on the list of the fifty best blogs for going gluten-free by There are well-stocked sections of personalized recipes, restaurant and product reviews, as well as convenient categories like “New England” and “International.” Rafferty also has a list of other great gluten-free blogs and websites. Veteran and rookie gluten-free eaters alike will find Inspired useful.

Rafferty’s other blog, La Mia Famiglia, takes us on a personal genealogical journey back to her Calabrian roots. Though the blog is no longer regularly updated, the evidence of the journey is thorough, intimate, and moving. Her quest began with the goal of obtaining duel Italian-American citizenship, for which she had to research her grandfather Carmelo Orlando, and ended in the town where her grandfather was born in Curinga, Italy. Through pictures, videos, historical documents and personal accounts, readers can share in the struggles, triumphs, and joy of making the reverse trip across the Atlantic that Carmelo Orlando made more than a century ago. Anyone interested in genealogy, American immigration history, or just a good story will enjoy this blog.

—By Zanna K. McKay ’13

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    La Mia Famiglia brought me here. Nice post, just tweeted this!

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