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Book Club (Portland, OR)

Join us on November 17 as we discuss Barbara Demick’s Nothing to Envy: Ordinary Lives in North Korea. To learn more,

Laurel Chain: September 2013

Day in the Life of an Alumna Students and alumnae are invited to follow the Twitter hashtag #MtHolyokeAtWork as September’s alumna-at-work,

Mount Holyoke At Work

In 2013, students and alumnae were invited to follow the Twitter hashtag #MtHolyokeAtWork as an MHC alumna tweeted about her day,

Twitter for the Skeptical Professional

  If you haven’t used Twitter, the idea may seem a bit silly; you’ve probably heard that people write about

Carol Ann Rinzler ’59 Reveals the Magic of Our Own Two Feet

In Leonardo’s Foot: How 10 Toes, 52 Bones, and 66 Muscles Shaped the Human World, Carol Ann Rinzler ’59 delves