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Family vs. Work: Do You Really Have to Choose?

The Quarterly arrives. I open to the class notes, and sigh. Another mother of three gets a promotion at her multinational corporation. Or publishes a book.

Battling Bullying: What to Do When Push Comes to Shove

The story of Phoebe Prince, a fifteen-year-old student at South Hadley High School who took her own life last January after being

In a Class of Its Own: Thirty Years on, Frances Perkins Program Still Changing Lives

Picture a warm May day in South Hadley. Standing on the lawn in front of Blanchard Campus Center is a group of

Chocolate for Breakfast … Vegan for Lunch?

Barbara Passino ’69 always thought that American breakfasts were often the worst meal of the day. So when she and her husband

Journey into Africa

Alumnae confront the challenges with thoughtfulness, humanity, and success Like so many others in America, Jennifer Kyker ’02 had seen